Thursday, 17 March 2016

Practice, practice, practice

I am a strong believer in training and practice if you have ambitions to excel at things.

To that end I try to go on several training events each year, to not only learn from the the trainers but also other photographers attending the event.

I recently attended a training day at the fabulous Wynyard Hall near Durham, with Pete Bristo (a many times qualified photographer with just about every organisation going), with a working title of Chasing the Light.

We had a model bride and groom couple, who gave us something to photograph when we found the light, and made a believable looking couple even thought they only met each other on the morning of the course.

Sheryl, Pete's wife and second shooter made sure things ran on time and kept Pete on track when he wanted to wander 'off-piste' so to speak

There were seven photographers on the day and we all had ample shooting time.

We were coached in posing and finding the good light, we also had a play with a new light source, which had the added bonus of looking like a light sabre!! - Mine is on order obi-wan.

These are a few pictures from the day - can't wait to put some of what I've learned into this years weddings

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