Monday, 8 April 2013

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 24th wedding anniversary, and that made me think about how special it is to share your life with your other half.
Over the years we have had many great experiences made all the better by sharing them and also supported each other though some not so great times.
Looking back now I really treasure the wedding pictures and video (although we did have to get the video converted from VHS tape to be able to view it) and it made me realise how special it is to be trusted to photograph a wedding (or any other life event), it also confirms my belief that one of the deliverables for a wedding photographer should be some form of print (even if it is only a single wall portrait) these have a permanence that digital files may not have unless they are regularly transferred to new media (anyone remember floppy discs, digital tape and now to some extent VHS? - don't even mention Betamax!!).
This is also why I always try to include an album in my wedding packages, even if only a small one, there is something special about looking back on your wedding day through the pages of a printed album or having a large framed print on your wall.

This is a picture of us on our wedding day 24yrs ago, it hangs in our hallway and always has done, so much so that it has become part of the furniture, when I took it down to scan it, my 17yr old daughter immediately noticed and asked where the picture was.

To all of you celebrating this week I wish you happy anniversary too, and to all future married couples I hope you have a long and happy marriage too. Just make sure you get some prints in this digital age.

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