Sunday, 27 July 2014

Newton Hall Wedding

We recently had the good fortune to photograph the wedding of Jill and Steven.
The ceremony was in the very grand church of St John the Baptist in Annitsford near Cramlington, the priest was a long standing family friend who had known the bride for many years which added to the emotion of the day.
Another unique touch was that Jill's dad is also an organist and played at his daughters wedding.

We first called in on Jill and took a few pictures.

Then it was off to visit the guys and see how they were doing

The ceremony was lovely with family and friends from all over the globe attending, after completing the paperwork and making it official, we took a number of family portraits, then off in the cars to Newton Hall a fabulous wedding venue a few miles north of Alnwick in Northumberland.

There were some fantastic looking cocktails for guests on arrival, along with a range of afternoon tea type nibbles to keep everyone going. Jill and Steven traveled up to Newton Hall in a lovely vintage Daimler supplied by Alnwick wedding cars.

The wedding breakfast included a quite amazing barbecue followed by the speeches and music from a live band with loads of guests on the dance floor and a party which went on for quite a while (so we believe).

The whole day was filled with love and laughter, and despite having to do a bit of shower dodging due to the typical British summer weather, a wonderful time was had by all.

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